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Kitchen guides

Planning a kitchen can take a great deal of thought and consideration. Whilst this process is exciting, with a host of decisions to make, it can sometimes seem overwhelming. In a bid to make this journey a little easier, we’ve put together some guides to help steer you through.

How to plan a new kitchen

Our helpful guide lays out some aspects worth thinking about at the planning stage of a new kitchen.
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How to choose a worktop

Making the right choice of worktop will be vital to the look and feel of your kitchen. We’ve put together some factors to consider to help you decide.
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A guide to Shaker kitchens

Ever wondered what defines a Shaker kitchen, or why they’re so popular? We look back at their origins and explain how this timeless design has come to be so well loved today.
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Choosing the right kitchen colour

The colours you choose for your kitchen will have a major impact on your space. We’ve put together a simple guide based on tried and tested schemes we favour and factors to consider within these.
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