How to plan a new kitchen

Things to think about before you create your dream kitchen

A few helpful hints and tips to consider


Begin by looking at the styles that appeal to you and would best suit the room. You’ll have no doubt seen the ranges of kitchen we offer but think about which range best suits your style and budget. Keeping up with our social media can be really useful for inspiration and sharing your Pinterest board will always help us get an insight into your preferences. Think about colours, the light you have in your space and what look you want to achieve. You’ll likely have taken inspiration from various sources and will have a wish list drawn up, but think about what you can realistically fit into your space and prioritise those features that are most important to you.

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We’ll carry out an initial design consultation, where we’ll discuss your brief, from which we will base our designs. We’ll take measurements of the space at this point, unless building works are to be carried out and the space is yet to be formed, in which case we will require a copy of your architects plans to design from.

Think about the appliances you would like to incorporate within your design. Do you prefer an American fridge freezer to integrated separates? Are you inclined towards a range cooker or built in ovens? The design will have to work around these and will dictate the basic layout, so it’s always helpful if you’ve considered this before we visit.

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Think about how you use your space and how you want your kitchen to function. Is there anything that doesn’t work for you in your current kitchen, and what works really well? What other features would you like incorporating? It is worthwhile considering storage here. Larder cabinets provide fabulous storage but are tall and will impact on worktop space, as will countertop cabinets. Do you have glassware or crockery you’d like to display in glazed cabinets?  Or would you like open shelving for cookbooks etc.

It’s not always easy talking about money, however budget is an important factor when planning a new kitchen. Our standard quotes include the cabinetry, worktops and installation, including all hand painting and hardware. In addition to this we will quote separately for plumbing & electrics and appliances, if you wish for these to be included. You will need to think about how you would like to divide your budget between these areas as this will play a part in how we design and the range of appliances we can offer. We will always try to work within your budget as far as possible.

If you have a project you’d like to discuss or you’re simply after more advice, please contact us to talk through your plans. We’d be happy to meet with you and guide you through the process of how to get started.

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